Jumaat, 28 Mac 2014


A letter to the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Dear sir,

With all due respect, if I were you, I would resign. I would just quit all my positions, take 1 year off and just go hide under the covers.

Half the country (52% approximately) hates you. They hate your wife. They hate your cousin. They hate the very air that you breathe in. There is so much hatred and it's mostly focused on you. So why go on? Let go. Have a good rest. Leave the cares of the world to others.

If I were you, I would just quit.

If you say something, it's the wrong thing to say. If you don't say anything, it's a sign you're hiding something. You can't do anything right can you? I mean, we expect you to be perfect and yet will look only for imperfections. You can't win, sir. Why continue the fight? It's not worth it.

And now, things are getting worse. There's a tough spot ahead with a big battle against a giant. And an army that just wants to stab you in the back. So what's the point in going on. If I were you, I would just pack my bags and take the missus out shopping where no one will make as if that's a crime. Why be so determined to fight the good fight when there is no appreciation?

Yeah, if I were you, I would just walk out that door.

Sometimes, I don't even know where you get your calmness from. You got some good guys I know, but sadly, you got some really really bad ones too. Those who just blow down all the good work that you have done. Work that has taken years and countless effort. Destroyed with one single slip of an unthinking tongue. If I were you, I wouldn't have any hair left at all.

It's so easy now. Just quit. Give up.

Let those who believe they can do better take over. Give in to the demands. Let them have their chance. Let them have a turn at the helm. Why should you care if the ship is navigated into treacherous waters and shipwrecked? Yes sir, why don't you just do that?

But luckily, I am not you. Or should I say you are not me?

I would have given up a long time ago. My determination is not as strong as yours. Neither is my courage. Nor my spirit.

I can't imagine the pressure you are faced with now nor the difficulties you have to confront. I doubt whether I could be in your shoes and still be standing. I doubt whether I would have the courage even to crawl out of bed knowing what I would have to face each bloody day.

So yeah, lucky I am not you. I am only human and a frail one at that. You are made up of much sterner stuff than I am. And that is something I and many others are lucky to have.

But sir, if I cannot be in your shoes, I would like to offer to stand beside you. Especially in these times. And although there may seem to be many who would stand against you, there are also many who would stand beside you and under our flag, Jalur Gemilang.

We may not be able to carry the whole weight upon your shoulders, but we can help to lighten it when you stumble. We can help to clear the path so it is an easier path to walk. And we can help to shelter you when the sun is too hot or the rains too heavy.

And we will stand beside you with our heads held high beneath the flag that defines us all.

Malaysians. Our country and our nation. It's time we declared which side we are on.

tetiba lak si bang non buat muka gini pehal?

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  1. Dear PM,

    You are our legitimate leader of our beloved nation. Stay strong be strong. Don't ever give up to any pressure especially from the Bastard Pakatan Rakyat who does noting for our country except spreading lies and now trying to spread hatred towards you and us Malaysians.

    Allah swt is testing you because He loves you. And Insha Allah He will not burden you more that you can shoulder. It is written is our holy Al-Qur'an. IF they cannot sleep at night due to their burning hatred towards you, UMNO and BN that is their DAMN problem and let them all die.

    Malaysia do not need citizen who are full of hatred, good for nothing but just sulking and complaining worse through their lap tops at the comfort of their home.

    Dear Mr. PM, I have a simple request from you. I am not an UMNO member but I fully support you. I know it is a trying time for us, the whole world is watching us and the bloody Oppositions are making it worse! Yes How I wish we can just put them in the China Vessel and send them tot he Middle of the Indian Ocean for good.

    My request Sir, is to take stern action against all slander. No body should bad mouth the Country, the leader of the country and trying to disrupt the harmony of the country and get away with it!.

    We love you Mr. PM, keep up the good work. Baraka Allah fi ka...


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