Ahad, 2 Jun 2019


1. Terorisme tidak diwarisi. Cari siapa ibu bapa para teroris ini dah dedahkan mereka. Ini dapat mengurangkan aktiviti keganasan. 

2. PM New Zealand, Jacinda Adern adalah laki-laki. 

3. Malaysia tidak mampu menjaga sempadan. 

4. Isytihar ke seluruh dunia betapa Angkatan Tentera Malaysia tidak mampu dan lemah dalam mempertahankan kedaulatannya dengan berkata, kapal pesisir pantai China lebih besar dari kapal perang Malaysia. Malaysia tak akan mampu melawan. 

5. Gajah sama gajah lawan, rumput mati di tengah-tengah. Sambil tiba-tiba petik nama PM Singapura. 

6. Saya terpaksa berlawan dengan kuasa-kuasa besar dengan cara soft way and hard way. Perasan Avengers le tu. Padahal bunyi macam soft porn and hardcore saja. 

7. Fail geografi. Isu penculikan di Filipina dia tarik Thailand. Juga kata Malaysia bersempadan dengan China.

1. Terrorism is not inherited, find their mother and father to limit terrorist activities?

2. Did you forget Jacinda Adern is a woman?

3. Kidnap for money, kidnap for ransom, coming from the defense minister, what are you trying to say? Malaysia incompetent at guarding its border? Of course after hearing this speech, many would believe so.

4. China’s coast guard is bigger than Malaysia’s war ship, we cannot chase nor fight them? Are you telling the world the Malaysian Navy is so incompetent, weak and hopeless?

The Shangri-la Dialogue, every year, is watched and scrutinized by the whole world. Who voted this guy?

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  1. Tahniah pH and macai's too..

    "elephant fight elephant.. grass dying in the middle.." suddently he pick up Singapore Prime Minister name..OMG..!!

    I have always been proud of Malaysia and how Malaysians interact on an international platform but that video tells me something is either really wrong with our education system or Fake Degree we are just too stupid that we can be led by Ministers of this standard. Poor us...!

  2. kikikiki... pengaruh Avengers dlm kerajan PH...Mat Sabu

    Saya terpaksa berlawan dengan kuasa-kuasa besar dengan cara soft way and hard way. Perasan Avengers le tu. Padahal bunyi macam soft porn and hardcore saja. 

  3. Oh my English...When our Defence minister (no need to mention his name laaa) referred Jacinda Adern, the New Zealand prime minister as a 'male', the whole world laughed at our own 'Benny Hill'.

    Never mind your broken English, nobody's perfect. Even some Malays did not pass the Bahasa Malaysia subject. Not pass it's ok Sir..!!but not FAKE DEGREE Sir..ha ha ha ha..!!

    And then you went on producing a lot of craps in your speech to the international community - that terrorism is not inherited, find the 'parents' of the terrorists and publicize their names in order to reduce the activity...yur broken language make my heart broke sir...

    Terrorism has no religion and no parents, sir...kah kah kah. Read some books on terrorism and you can always identify who and why they were born.

    Furthermore, you belittled your own country by saying that Malaysia is not capable of protecting its own boundaries with other nations like Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.

    You had the gut to tell the world that our Armed Forces is so weak and not capable of defending the country, that the Chinese offshore ships are much larger than our own naval fleet, thus opening up Malaysia to an easy foreign onslaught.

    By the way, what do you mean when you said 'I have to fight the superpowers with my soft and hard ways?'

    Who appointed you in the first place? Don't you study geography and read books to mistakenly mentioned Thailand (instead of the Philippines) which were involved in kidnapping at sea?

    What's worse is when you told them that Malaysia and China are neighbors!

    Dunno if I should laugh or crying? But I chose the second option because the damage you've done in portraying your 'capability' to the world on behalf of Malaysia and Pakatan Rakyat government.

    Lucky you didn't tell the world that Malaysia has four seasons!


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